Beneficial Termite and Pest Control Services in Sydney

Termites have the ability to travel underground to get to your home, they can even go through cracks in a concrete slab. Almost every home or office in Australia may be at risk of termites, but don’t lose hope. The fight against these kinds of damaging pest is not yet lost. The good news is Pestyologist have several methods to help protect your structure or building against termites. Termite control methods in Sydney performed by us are:

Monitoring of Termites
Our monitoring of termites method involves the use of discreet termite bait stations, which are placed around the perimeter of your house to detect activity of termite. Your professional Pestyologist expert will routinely monitor these termite station's activities. This method can be used at any stage of the building’s life to get effective results.

Chemical Termite Obstruction
Our team of professional Sydney pest control also uses a chemical termite abstraction to help you get rid of these pests in an effective manner. Chemical termite obstruction encompasses applying of liquescent chemical to the solid, either under concrete flooring or around the premises of the house. This effective method can also be used at any stage of the building’s life.

Physical Termite Barrier
The physical termite barrier method is also used by our pest control professionals, which is used when you are constructing a building or adding a new extension to your business premises or home. This physical termite barrier is designed to stop the termites to enter the structure where it is installed and force the termites to stay out in the open where they can be easily detected. Pestyologist Physical Termite Barrier is layers of protective material which can be laid before you slab is poured or act as a partial barrier to the perimeter of the building structure to stop the termites from entering. This specific method of termite control can only be used prior to the construction of the building.

All these above mentioned methods are performed by our termite control professionals. If you are looking for economical termite control service in Sydney, you surely have landed at the right place.