Termite Control


  • Please ensure general housekeeping is carried out prior to our service.
  • All inspections, treatments and reporting by Pestyologist Pest Control are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards 3660. And Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspections are accordance with Australian Standard 4349.3
  • We will complete a site risk assessment and provide you with a full inspection report, including recommendations for future prevention of activity to your home.
  • Our professional service is tailored to your home, and we will assess the best areas and methods to inspect for your home based on the environment, structure and accessibility.

Prevention Tips

  • Ensure that all formwork timber is removed after construction.
  • Termites often attack formwork & use it as an avenue to enter houses.
  • The edges of all concrete slabs should be clear of obstructions such as garden beds & woodchips Australian Standards state that there should be an exposed slab edge of 75mm.
  • All hot water services & air conditioning overflows should be diverted away from the sides of the house & water not allowed to accumulate around the perimeter of the dwelling. Moisture is a prime attractant for termites.
  • Ensure that the storm water runoff is connected.